F Adhi Permana

Development and Innovation in Education

Posted on: November 8, 2009

In the globalization, continues development and innovation are the success factor in every field. They are needed not only in the technical industries, but also needed to maintain good public services and good governance. In education field, where I am currently involved in, research and development is the key word to the future. Development could be done through intensive research, policy analysis and various co-operations. Good development management helps the decision maker, all the stake holders and the team reach the goal set by the organization.  

Thousands of universities and higher learning institutions are scattered along the islands of Indonesia. They have been trying to serve the youth by delivering good education. But the reality should be faced in. Nearly a million of the university graduates are unemployed last year.  We understand that economic crisis affected most of the economic activities all around the world. But the trend of high unemployment rate of the university graduates is something that we should aware of. This is about the credibility and the quality of the education institutions. There must be some gaps between the demand and supplies, needs and the requirements. Breakthrough, innovation and development should be there!

I do hope that someday, I will be able to contribute more  in facilitating the universities and other higher learning institutions to enhance their competencies in delivering high quality education in preparing the Indonesia’s next leaders!


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